Find out more about the Season Tickets for 2021-22 below including the terms and conditions.

RENEWALS (ie for those who purchased ticket in 2020/21)

Adult / Concession (65 & over) renewal tickets available here

Age 17 to 21 renewal tickets available here

Under 17 & Under 14 renewal tickets available here

NEW (ie for those who last held a ticket in 2019/20 or earlier or are a new holder)

Adult / Concession (65 & over) tickets available here

Age 17 to 21 tickets available here

Under 17 & Under 14 tickets available here

**KEY INFORMATION FOR PLACING ORDERS** (see Terms and conditions for full details)

Season Ticket Cards: These are in production and will be posted out asap.

By Post: Please select the SEASON TICKET POSTAGE OPTION and the card(s) will be posted to you as soon as they are available by 2nd class mail.

Collection: You can choose to collect your card(s) by selecting this option from the postage list but this MUST be at one of the 'in person' sales sessions (dates / times tbc). We are sorry but due to ongoing restrictions we cannot offer collection outside of those times. The system has to have an amount with all shipping options hence the £0.01 charge for collection.

Names for Card: When checking out you will be asked to provide the name(s) for the Season Tickets - please complete this as you would like the name to appear on the card. If there are not sufficient boxes for all of your cards please check out and we will contact you to confirm the details. If you are purchasing cards in different categories please put the category after the name ie John Smith U'14. Again we will be in touch if we have questions.

Concession (65 & over), Under 22, Under 17 & Under 14 / Date of birth: The sale of Season Tickets in these categories are strictly for ticket holders who meet the criteria. All Season Ticket purchasers in the these categories are requested to provide their date of birth as part of the Season Ticket purchase. Proof of age may be required to verify a Season Ticket purchase and/or on entry to the Stadium. The Season Ticket may be withheld until such proof is provided. This information will be deleted as soon as we have verified your eligibility.

Tel No of main buyer: This is required for potential Test and Protect procedures.

Full details below.

Find out more about the Season Tickets for 2021-22 below

Season Tickets on sale here

A. FAFC Season Tickets 2021-22 Information

B. FAFC Season Tickets Terms & Conditions

A. FAFC Season Ticket Information 2021-22

Please see Section B below for the full terms and conditions.


Renewal (ie held a ticket in 2020/21)

  • Adult £145
  • Concession (65 & over) £75
  • Age 17 to 21 22 £75
  • Under 17 £FOC (minimum admin charge of £0.01)
  • Under 14 £FOC (minimum admin charge of £0.01)

New (new or those who last held a ticket in 2019/20 or earlier)

  • Adult £190
  • Concession (65 & over) £100
  • Age 17 to 21 £100
  • Under 17 £50
  • Under 14 £30

Matches 2021-22

At date of writing a limited number of spectators will be allowed into matches and the season ticket will provide holders with priority access on match days.

It is stressed that the Club cannot guarantee that spectators will be admitted to all fixtures in the 2021-22 season due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. In addition, at any stage in the season access may be denied in line with Government or Governing bodies requirements. Where reduced entry is in place access will be provided for live streaming for the remaining League matches (not including play-offs and Cup matches).

Due to social distancing measures, stand seating will NOT be available to all patrons at every match. Therefore the season tickets are being sold for ground access only. A rota system will be used for any stand patron from season 2019/20 who wishes to be considered for available seats. Please confirm this at checkout or email to [email protected] with your name and contact details.

Live Streaming

As part of their season ticket package, Adult, Concession and Under 22 season ticket holders will be given the opportunity to access a live stream when the Club is able to provide one. This will extend to the same games as those for which the season ticket is valid.

Please note that the live streaming element will not be available as part of the Under 17 or Under 14 season ticket packages.

This live stream will be delivered via the automated camera system installed at Station Park last season. At this stage it will be a video only feed and there will be no commentary.

Stand Patrons

As outlined above due to the current social distancing rules we cannot offer any stand season tickets at this time. These social distancing rules mean that the capacity of the stand is around 15% of the usual number. In addition, areas of the stand must be used for necessary match day operations due to the pressure on other parts of the ground, again due to the social distancing rules. The result is that unfortunately we cannot, at this time, provide the usual seating options for supporters at forthcoming matches.

However, in order to try to accommodate some supporters in the stand we would invite anyone, who held a stand season ticket in season 2019/20, to confirm, at time of purchase, if they wish to be considered for a rota-based system for any available seats in season 2021/22.

Please note that based on stand season ticket holder numbers from 2019/20 this means a stand seat will only be offered approximately every three or four games. Anyone not included in the rota for a particular match will be able to take up a place on the terracing - although we do appreciate that is not possible for several our supporters. We obviously hope that restrictions are eased further or removed entirely, and we can then offer a stand seat on a more regular basis but at present we feel it is only fair to provide information based on the current situation.

We appreciate this lack of a guaranteed stand seat will prevent some supporters from attending games until these rules are removed and we can fully open the stand as in previous seasons. We share the disappointment of those affected but as with many aspects of our lives over the last year and a half we are bound by the government guidelines which must be followed to allow football to continue.

Please also note that we cannot, under any circumstances, offer a specific seat to those who are offered a seat on the rota basis. Again, due to social distancing certain seats and areas are not in use and seats will be occupied on a first come basis on a match day by those on the rota for the match. Once again if the restrictions are lifted to a level where the full stand can reopen as normal, we will do everything we can to accommodate previous stand season ticket holders in their usual seat.

For any previous stand patron who feels able to use the terracing, we would ask that you please do not request access to the rota system at this time. Your assistance with this will free up space at more games to those who are unable to attend matches without having a seat. As and when restrictions are removed all stand patrons from 2019/20 who purchase a season ticket for season 2021/22 will be given the option to move to a stand season ticket at that time (at no additional cost).

B. FAFC Season Tickets Terms & Conditions

FORFAR ATHLETIC FOOTBALL CLUB LTD, a company incorporated in Scotland, with Company Number SC75805 and having its registered office at Station Park, Carseview Road, Forfar, DD8 3BT (the “Club”).

The Terms and Conditions upon which the Club supplies you with your Season Ticket valid for season 2021-22 are set out below. The person named on the Season Ticket will be the ‘Holder’ and these terms apply to the Holder. If you are not the Holder, you must provide a copy of these terms to the Holder. The acceptance of this Season Ticket shall constitute acceptance by the Holder of these Terms and Conditions. A breach of these Terms and Conditions shall render the Season Ticket void and all rights conferred or evidenced by it shall be nullified.

  1. On the basis that the Club can open and operate the Stadium with no restrictions on supporter numbers all Season Ticket categories will be valid for Forfar Athletic SPFL League Two matches at Station Park in season 2021-22 along with pre-season fixtures played at the ground. This does not include any play-off or cup matches.
  2. The season ticket will provide holders with priority for match day access. A rota/ballot may be required of Holders for matches with reduced spectator capacity.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt the Season Ticket does not include any SPFL Play-off matches or Cup matches or any other events / matches played at the Stadium – either via live streaming or through Stadium access other than for those specified at 1. above.
  4. Access to the live stream, when available, will be offered to 2021/22 season ticket holders in the Adult, Concession, Under 22 categories at no extra cost. It may not be possible to offer a live stream at every match due to volunteer availability.
  5. It is stressed that the Club cannot guarantee that spectators will be admitted to all fixtures in the 2021-22 season due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. In addition, at any stage in the season access may be denied in line with Government or Governing bodies requirements. Where reduced entry is in place access will be provided for live streaming for the remaining matches specified at 1 above.
  6. All match dates and times are subject to change. The Club may from time to time be required to change dates and times of matches for reasons such as health and safety, the impact of other competitions and live TV scheduling.
  7. The sale of Concession, Under 22, Under 17 or Under 14 Season Tickets is strictly for ticket holders who meet the criteria. All Season Ticket purchasers in the Concession, Under 22, Under 17 and Under 14 categories will be requested to provide their date of birth as part of the Season Ticket purchase. Proof of age may be required to verify a Season Ticket purchase and/or on entry to the Stadium. The Season Ticket may be withheld until such proof is provided.
  8. Holders are required to provide a name, valid address and contact number and to keep the Club up to date with any changes to these details. This is important if the Club needs to contact the Holder in connection with the Test and Protect and other similar public health programmes. It will also allow the Club to contact Holders for administrative purposes relating to the Season Ticket and to send offers and promotions in relation to live streaming, FAFC Retail and other Club events and activities. These details will not be shared with any other organisations other than if required by law under Section below 23. If the Holder wishes to access the live streaming, in so far as it is available and they are in the relevant category for this service, the Holder must provide a valid email address in order to receive the live streaming registrations details.
  9. Season Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase unless for online purchases within the 14-day cooling off period. The Holder may cancel the contract at any time within 14 days from the date on which the contract is entered into (the “Cancellation Period”). After the Cancellation Period has expired, the Holder will not be able to end the contract and will be committed to the Season Ticket for the full duration of the Season.
  10. The Season Ticket is not transferable and may only be used by the Holder detailed on the card. If it is discovered at the turnstiles that a season ticket has been transferred to another, the Club reserves the right to confiscate the ticket. If, for example, a child's ticket is used by an adult, the Club reserves the right to cancel the Season Ticket and no refund shall be given.
  11. It is the Holder’s responsibility to take care of the Season Ticket to prevent any damage to the Season Ticket. The Club is not obliged to replace the Season Ticket if the Season Ticket is lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged. Lost or stolen Season Tickets must be reported to the Club as soon as reasonably practicable. The Club may, at its discretion, and only upon receipt of satisfactory evidence, issue a duplicate season ticket. There may be a non-refundable administration fee to cover the Club’s administration costs in issuing such tickets.
  12. Season Tickets shall not be re-sold or used as a prize in any lottery or competition or for any other promotional or advertising purposes unless expressly authorised in writing by the Club. Sale or attempted sale is grounds for seizure or cancellation and those trying to use resold or cancelled Season Tickets will be refused entry into the Stadium.
  13. The Holder will not be admitted to the Stadium without possession of a valid Season Ticket. Holders are not permitted to exit and re-enter the Stadium except in the case of an emergency. In such a case Holders must inform a steward in order to ensure controlled and secure egress and access.
  14. On entering the Stadium, the ticket holder agrees to abide by Stadium regulations and the Club’s Unacceptable Conduct policy at all times. These regulations are displayed at the Stadium and published on the Club website at
  15. The instructions of Management, Stewards, Club Officials and the relevant police force must be obeyed at all times, Holders must truthfully answer any question concerning a Season Ticket from a steward or member of Management and ticket holders agree to be searched by a member of the relevant police force.
  16. In accordance with The Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995 it is an offence punishable by law for any person to enter or attempt to enter the stadium:- a) Whilst in possession of a prohibited container which is or was capable of holding liquid and which if thrown would be capable of causing injury to another person. b) Whilst in possession of alcohol. c) Whilst drunk. d) Whilst in possession of any article or substance whose main purpose is the emission of a flare for purposes of illuminating or signalling or the emission of smoke or visible gas, or any article which is a firework. The Club reserves the right to search all persons and personal property and refuse admission to, or eject from, the venue, any person who refuses to be searched by a steward or other person acting on the Club’s behalf.
  17. Holders are required to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner when attending any Club match during the Season. Drunkenness, foul, insulting, offensive or abusive language or behaviour; racist, discriminatory or sectarian behaviour, remarks, songs, chants, banners or displays; and the promotion of or endorsement of any political organisation are not permitted within the Stadium or on the Club’s property, or at any matches involving the Club. If the Holder breaks the Stadium regulations, the SFA and SPFL Unacceptable Conduct rules or if the Holder commits any criminal offence whilst at any match involving the Club, the Club may take steps ranging from ejection / refusal of entry to the Stadium; cancellation of the Season Ticket and / or legal action.
  18. Individuals who have been banned from attending events by competent authorities or sports governing bodies in any jurisdiction, or who are considered as a security risk, are prohibited from entering or remaining in the Stadium. If the Holder is refused admission or removed, no money shall be refunded.
  19. The Club reserves the right in its sole discretion, to refuse admission to the Holder to the Stadium and / or to relocate the Holder to an alternative seat or part of the Stadium for any match.
  20. All Holders acknowledge that photographic images and/or video recordings and/or stills taken from those video recordings may be taken of them and may also be used by the Club for marketing or promotional purposes or by broadcasters.
  21. Unauthorised professional photography or any type of recording of a match is prohibited and zoom lenses, audio/visual or cinematographic devices will not be permitted in the Stadium. Any photograph, image, film or recording taken of any performer, participant or any member of any team may not be reproduced for any commercial purpose, whatsoever, whether for money or otherwise.
  22. The Club, its servants or agents shall have no liability for loss injury or damage howsoever caused to the holder of this ticket save as expressly excluded by the Unfair Contract Terms 1977.
  23. The Club reserves the right to pursue any Holder for losses incurred by the Club, where it can be shown the Club has incurred such losses due to the actions of the supporter relating to their misconduct. This includes at away venues. This includes, but is not limited to emitting a flare, firework, smoke bomb or other visible gas; throwing a container capable of causing injury to another person; damaging seats.
  24. Data Protection: The Club is a data controller in respect of personal data submitted by the Holder. The Club will hold and process personal data for legal and administrative purposes (including sending service messages and sharing benefits related to the Season ticket purchase) and, where permitted, for marketing purposes. The Club may also analyse the information provided to help improve services, tailor products and personalise content. The personal data provided to the Club shall be processed, stored and transferred in accordance with all applicable data privacy laws and the terms of the privacy policy at:
  25. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, the Club may provide information regarding persons to the authorities where it is necessary for the purposes of prevention or detection of crime and the capture or prosecution of offenders.

8 June 2021